What is a Guest House?
The definition Guest House can be misleading because it is normally associated with hostels and landlords. In reality in the Maldives, all the accommodation facilities on the civil islands are classified as Guet House, regardless of whether it is a Beach Hotel with all the comforts or small family-run facilities. This is why it is so important to have a qualified selection.
What is a civil island?
They are islands inhabited by the Maldivians. The differerence from the classic resort islands is that these islands in compliance with the religious laws of the country, the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden. moreover there are areas reserved for tourists (bikini beach) out of which it is not allowed to wear only the bikini but it is necessary to wear at least one pareo..
How big are the bikini beach?
The size of bikini beach varies from island to island. Sometimes there is a noticeable disproportion between the space available for tourists compared to the number of guest house rooms that are growing very fast. This can cause an even more annoying lack of space considering the place where you are. This aspect is one of the most taken care of by GUEST HOUSE SELECTION which offers only properties located in adequately equipped islands.
How to get to the island?
All civil islands are connected by public transfer services at fixed times. Transfer times to and from each island is available on our booking site. The booking of the roundtrip transfer service is carried out by the host structure and the cost is calculated among the mandatory surcharges during the booking. It is important to check the schedules of public connections and consequently also modulate the flight reservation to avoid long waits at the airport. There are no refunds if you lose the booked boat. Some islands are also connected by seaplanes. Again the reservation can be managed by our selected Guest House but this is never a mandatory option.