Our Maldives

Guest House Selection doesn't just give you the opportunity to open your destination to a low-budget target of clientele. It is an absolutely unique way of living the Maldives, which prescilates budget limitations. By choosing the guest house formula, you will offer the opportunity to get in touch with the local population and you will discover a smiling and kind people, of great workers. Among the most popular activities in addition to the many shops, and all the activities related to Tourism, there is fishing, construction and of course, numerous shipyards. The alleys between the houses are sandy, some islands are completely devoid of motor vehicles, except for a few scooters. The islands also offer a variety of boutique, restaurants and bars where you can have a snack, or enjoy a strictly non-alcoholic mocktail at sunset or possibly even try the very low-priced local cuisine, as an alternative to the full board offered by Guest House which is still good. It is also possible to organize many excursions at very advantageous prices.

* Please check the link provided for the latest Covid-19 updates in the Maldives.
* For split-stays or inter-island holiday arrangements, please check with your next Guest House destination if PCR test is required to submit prior to your next stay.

* All tourists are entitled to a 30-day free visa on arrival. 
* Hotel booking voucher/reservation is required. 
* Submit your online Health Declaration Form 24 hours before arrival.