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GUEST HOUSE SELECTION is the B2B Booking Channel specialized on Maldivian Guest Houses
What are The Maldivian Guest Houses
These are accommodation facilities located in the Maldivian civil islands. Beach hotels are far from the traditional resort concept but offer all the comforts at extremely competitive prices. In the civil islands it is strictly forbidden to sell and consume alcoholic beverages and there are beaches reserved for tourists, commonly referred to as "bikini beach" where you can stay in bikini, with the carefulness of wearing at least one sarao in other areas of the island. Apart from that, you'll find standard hotel facilities, often equipped with ancillary services such as Fitness Center, SPA or equipment rental centers for motorized and non-motorized water sports. In all the islands where there are Guest Houses, there is normally also a diving centre. The guest house holiday, in addition to being particularly cheap, offers the opportunity to interact with the local population and live the real Maldivian life without giving up the natural wonders offered by one of the most beautiful seas in the world.
Our team is made up of industry professionals with many years of experience in the world of tourism, distribution and hotel management, especially in the Maldives. Thanks to the combination of these experiences, an easy-to-use booking tool has been created and designed to solve all the problems that have so far prevented the intermediation of the trade toward a market with increasing demand.
  • Quality selection and periodic on-site checks
  • Free Sale availability
  • Payment 30 days before the customer's arrival date 
  • Rates in €uro, including Full Board and Service Charge.
  • Transfer booking
  • Issuance of vouchers for passengers
  • Issuance of Invoices/ax documentation 
How we select our products
GHS only chooses Guest Houses after seeing and trying them in person. Our staff conducts continuous inspections at the selected facilities that in ordeer to be part of our portfolio, must ensure aesthetic and service standards. In addition to the Guest House, we inspect the islands to grant to the trade product that reflects the customer's expectations. We take particular care that Bikini Beach is properly equipped and that the available beach area is adequate to the number of rooms in the island. Another very important aspect is related to the general cleanliness, the services offered and the quality and frequency of transport to and from the island.